Friday, 16 January 2009

I have one pending friend request, on a certain social networking website. I look at this persons profile and realise it's the same request I had, and rejected, two weeks ago. A warden from our apartment complex, Ashley.

At around 1134 I am woken by my telephone ringing:

"Hi its Ashley from Quantop reception, is that ____"
"We've got a package here for you, it got delivered to the wrong block, if you
want to come and get it we're open until three...if not I'll bring it up to you...your reception later"

After a long pause

"Did I wake you up?"
"Yea. I'm hanging"

-Dial Tone-

On the front of the parcel someone has miss-typed the address, and someone else has highlighted this and written
"Best this week." next to it.

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