Sunday, 1 February 2009

It's the thirty first of January and I receive this message:


hey mr
you look hot and was hoping we could meet mr or just hang out sometime.. I am an easy going guy and very open minded... so not sure what you after but am willing to make it worth your while mr?? hows a few £££ sound?.. plz get back to me


And I am thinking two things. Why does this man say Mr all the time, its quite annoying, and £££ sounds very much like someone pressing a combination of keys on a keyboard. Never the less I reply and I say the following:

Like £4000?

I wait, quietly confident that this man will understand that I am obviously jesting.

But then, on the first of February I get this message:



£300 for me to suck u off?

This annoys me somewhat. I'm now asking the following questions.

- why would you want to pay to suck someone off?

- more to the point what about me on this profile suggest that I am willing to accept payment?

- should I say yes and pocket £300, which would pay for my trip to Barcelona?


Tim in the City of Angles said...

And yes, I have been known to do exactly the same thing.

Percentage between yes/no? 80/20. So you see? The odds are in his favor.

It's a hard world out there.

sleepyboy said...

Ewww super nasty.

abristolnovella said...

haha yea, but rather tempting haha