Monday, 2 November 2009

And at 0501 an alarm wakes me. My Antler case still empty. Clothes thrown into a somewhat unorganised pile. Clearing my vision and embracing the cold oak floor I make my way to the bathroom. Throwing a selection of Ralph Lauren garments into the pile as I do so.

And as the coach rushes towards Birmingham, and the driver announces security detail, plan stops and information on using the on board facilities, I'm hungrily shoving Nestle Skittles into my mouth. Flipping through a restaurant guide desperately searching for somewhere to dine.And I'm doing this whilst my ipod plays songs from Chase this Light, which seem to endlessly merge into one another. Tiring of the guide I choose at random a med restaurant, Ego. Call ahead. Make reservations. Throw the guide at the seat opposite.

And I'm left thinking, on this trip why exactly are we traveling via Birmingham. And why Liverpool of all cities? And feeling the anger and inconvenience that this week has caused rise I attempt to loose myself the only way I know how. In the life of someone else. Although quickly images of Paris bleed into my imagination, and the conversation I am no longer keeping, filters into deminuendo, as I push my headphones back into my ears, and stare blankly back


Tim in the City of Angles said...

Paris? WTF is up with that? Paris is full of French people. And you know how I feel about them!

SpiritMountainGuy said...

By the way, I added you blog to the list of favourite blogs I read. All those links are in the right sidebar. Have a look! - V.

abristolnovella said...

Well Mr Tim, perhaps its time you left as I am (unfortunately) some part french...well part of the ones that realised France was rather rubbish and left back in the day! And I happen to like paris, dispite that every time I have been there I have drank wine over water (due to economics haha) and can't recall much of it.

and SMG Fanks, i had a your 3487395 blogs. And it wasted a good portion of my day :-)