Monday, 19 April 2010

And so after some in depth emails to the CEO's of Double Cross, an invitation to Bratislava, and some serious consideration, I still can't source and Double Cross in the Uk.

Double Cross Vodka(750ml): Available online(USA ONLY) / New York / Slovakia.

Whoever should place three bottles (and/or a case) of this on my desk by the end of the week, shall win my heart, and bank account. That is all.


Tim in the City of Angles said...

I would, of course, be one of the first to ante up for such an endeavor except for one small detail: there's more volcanic ash over the UK right now than killed the dinosaurs so no flights are moving in or out for the foreseeable future.

And then, upon reflection, what bank account? Not that it matters.

How tragic that a chance to win your heart is thwarted by a volcano in Iceland. Barbara Cartland couldn't have done better.

Ben said...

Well I'm due to be in Poland next week, but not sure whether I'd be able to source any even there. That's assuming the ash dissipates by then of course.

And it definitely wouldn't be three bottles. What would I get in return for one?

Tim in the City of Angles said...

I'm finding it for between 26 and 30 GBP/per bottle here in the Atlanta area, but only on line. Slick marketing campaign, I'll give them that. They should feature a photo of Toughie with the caption: "Double Cross me and you'll win my heart."

abristolnovella said...

If you ship me a case...I'll give you dollar, and you'll be safe in the knowledge, not only of my address, but that you helped
a)find my friend a perfect birthday present
b)added to my already large vodka collection
c)helped me die happy.

Also you should know that my money is blue, cos I'm so frigging royal.