Friday, 13 August 2010

I'm sitting, kind of, staring at a blank screen. And I can't put in to word what I want to say. And the only thing resonating in my head are the six words I said perhaps three or for times today.

'It's good to see you again'

And really it was. But I wish, in a way, that I didn't see you at all, because now I want to see you all the time. Tomorrow, Sunday, next week.

It's weird to think of all shit that's happened in the two, three years since we were last together. And it surreal to think of who you're with now. And I can't really explain it.

And maybe I'm just over analysing.


Tim in the City of Angles said...

Aren't your arms getting tired carrying this torch around for the last 3 years? God, but I'd love the chance to make you forget him. And I suppose there are others who feel the same way...

I'm going to go look at my Nicholas Hoult photography collection.

abristolnovella said...

Is your trip to london off the cards?

Tim in the City of Angles said...

I was just thinking earlier that I would prefer to be in London than any other place on the planet right now. But until my schedule evens out, I'm stuck. I'm suppose to be in China right now, but nobody over there can make up their bloody minds.

So no, it's not off the cards, just postponed. There's still a bottle of Double Cross we need to crack.