Thursday, 17 February 2011

I have these dreams, as the plane takes off, it crashes. These happen every couple of days or so, and although I have no idea what they mean, or why they occur, they are the closest thing to routine I have.

I'm sick of winter, and long to spend my life in LA. I've made travel arrangement with several friends, but I have unfinished business here so I keep missing flights. I've no life plans, no direction, and certainly no intention of spending my life in a 9-5.

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Tim in the City of Angles said...

Well, if it will help, there's a new system of winter storms rolling in of the Pacific so it's cold, wet and cloudy here now with the worse yet to come. And since Angelenos are physically incapable of driving on any type of surface that has been exposed to any degree of moisture the number of traffic accidents soars to the point where they have to bring in bulldozers to clear the wreckage off the roads... ok, that's a bit of an exaggeration, but I wanted to make you feel better.

Anyway, the sun won't really take hold here until mid-July (see June Gloom/LA) so you have some time.

I'm not wearing shorts, btw. Honest.