Tuesday, 12 August 2014

And I guess it's been a while. And that might be because I've moved to a different city, or because I've been thinking about other things, doing other things. But really its because I didn't feel alone until I was doing this. Doing nothing.

Not much has changed in the years that have come and gone between posts, the tides. My academic success has been short lived, although I was able to secure a place at a top university that I didn't want to go to for a course I don't want to do. But one must'nt complain right?

It would be nice to have a vodka friend right now, because hell I am lost.

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Ben said...

On the off chance that you really are lost (and vodka won't help you find much, incidentally), I do a nice line in irreverent small talk. I can also listen.

Other than that, good to see some words here for the first time in a while.