Tuesday, 12 May 2009

"Twenty days of hell" as it's dubbed in our faculty, is about half way through. Put simply this is known as exam and portfolio period and is probably the most important stage of our course.

Naturally I've decided it's not that amazing and I have, so far:

- ignored all the work I have to do.

- spent the day calculating my age in days (well into my 7000th's - guess the correct number of days old I am and you can...erm win a prize or something.)

- taken sometime out to sample antibiotics from various friends, thus helping produce the next super bug (this is something I am very proud of.)

- spent all other available time watching day time television.

Not really what I'd call hell. More heaven?

It has come to my attention that watching Homes Under The Hammer should be officially classed as revision, cos it's buildings. This beautiful creation is my new pass time, that and the lovely woman from Bargain Hunt...Julian? Jillian? I duno. Lovely voice, cracking pair of tits.

If this is what the unemployed do all day, I want to be unemployed (or at least state dependant.) Thanks.


Ben said...

7,458? I had pinpointed my 10,000th day some time in advance, and whilst I didn't have a party or anything, it felt like something of an occasion at the time. Now 12,000 is approaching fast.

Good luck with the exams. I have to say you don't sound particularly worried, which must be a good sign.

[Jansi] Anastasia said...

Spent a day calculating? :-) Our mathmos would have a heart attack!

Goody lucky with the exams. We are all it it together.

abristolnovella said...

Tim : Sorry to disappoint

Ben : Id tell you if you guessed right but then I'd have to kill you. But sorry to hear your at 12000 that must suck. :-P And thanks, not many exams left now!

Jansi : When I say calculate...I really mean...use the internet haha. Hope your exams are going well too