Tuesday, 8 September 2009

A collection of days, that some call a week, come and go. And it is difficult to establish what exactly these days comprised of.

On Thursday I am told of the new Verso that my friend intends to purchase, and although a Toyota, I am somewhat envious. As my small 1.2, British racing green, lump of plastic really could do with a new engine, body, and a good crushing.

Come Friday, to pass the emptiness of working (for the good of others) I decide to attempt Sudoko. Fail and instead arrange two lunch dates for the weekend. Using the office phone to do so. To prepare for the said luncheons, I go to the gym. Where I spend a fair portion of my time comparing myself to others. After thirty minutes, I decide that I no longer need to attend, and freeze my membership, vowing to renew as soon as people no longer want to sleep with me.

The luncheons, much like the antecedent week, come and go. And whilst seated, discussing mainly the mundane realities of life, the gentleman on the opposite table, and exciting discoveries of new ways to pastime, it occurs to me that this will be the last meal I will attend with all parties present. Possibly until next summer. And as we arrange a date for next week, I am certain that I will not be in attendance. My plan, to slip away unnoticed, so not to bludgeon the memory of such events (and to create a mysterious ploy to lure drama, and more lunch dates into my agenda).

On Sunday, I lay my eyes on the Vanquish S. Which is parked in my bay, at a friends residence, next to an R8. And its confirmed, I really do need a new car. Although 'super cars' are perhaps slightly out of budget whilst one is a student.


Tim in the City of Angles said...

I'm writing this in the Lufthansa Business Lounge in Munich and the words just keep moving to the right rather than automatically returning. No idea what it will look like when I post it. The suspense is terrible; I hope it lasts. Having just come LA, I can tell you that sculpted abs and pecs are worth more than any phd; unless you're filthy rich and willing to spread it around, in which case you can have nearly anyone you want. So toss the Sudoko page and get back to the gym. Of course, you can always thumb your nose at the lot of them and do exactly as you damn well please. I don't know how that will work as no one's ever tried it. Maybe you can be the first. You know, start a fashion. I will watch supportivly from the sidelines, with lime, crushed ice and vodka, just in case. (Hour 22 w/o sleep. Can you tell?)

SpiritMountainGuy said...

So, any idea what kind of car meets your fancy and budget??? They do get old and wear out but sometimes getting something new is like turning a page in a book: a new experience to savour! - V.