Saturday, 29 August 2009

The Sunday road home from the beach is one that I have only navigated. Never driven, as I do not own a coupe. However I now find myself driving here, although alone; My partner driving the continent, whilst I relive cruises that we have taken. The stereo is playing music that, whilst in my collection, I have never listened too. And I'm enjoying the summer evening, ripping through high granite rock laden road, and winding, dusky, coastal lanes.

Come Monday, the road I find myself driving is the one I have driven many a time. 79.56 miles. Leaning to that place that people go to do that activity one assumes is called work, the same activity I do, merely to fill time. The same happens on Tuesday. And sadly on both days, nothing of true significance happens.

On Wednesday, I have guests. For whom I conjure Tomato Terrine, and summer leaf salad whilst we recline in the vegetable garden, under the heavy branches of the apple trees, drinking Pinot Grigio. Conversing of the summers events, or lack there of, and where the four months have gone. By Thursday the conversation has turned to love, and the scene is now a coastal walk. One I have taken many times, and find quite a bore; But what kind of host would have guest from the city and not boast the fragile, red cliff, coastline.

Late Friday evening, it is brought to my attention that I have no offering, gift or otherwise for the event that I am to attend the following eve. And subsequently spend much of the night thinking. It's hard to by for a twenty one year old millionaire who has everything. Eventually under the strain of the week, and my two extremely taxing days of hard graft, I arrange a lunch date for Saturday, retire, and decide Laurent Pierre will have to suffice.


Pilgrim said...

Hmmm, what to say? It sounds as if you have a very laid back live at the moment. :-) I´m back in Paris, and as for a 20yrs. old millionaire I would book a flight to my city and go to Hélene Darroze. :-) Propz Pilgrim

Ben said...

Are you back in Bristol yet? New lodgings?

SpiritMountainGuy said...

This thought came to mind, and before I head out the door to get some grocery shopping done, I thought I'd mention it now while the iron;s hot as they say. Since you're not lacking in funds in any way, and you don't really have to work for a living, unlike many of the rest of us, why would you do something that bores you to death?

For me, I work as a concierge by day to make money to keep a roof over my head and food on the table. But my passion is photography, not just that, but getting out into nature to experience it first-hand. Then I blog the best photos so others might be able to enjoy the photos even if they're not able to see the sights first-hand. Do you have something that interests you, that you're passionate about and want to experience whether you make money at it or not? That might be something to consider. I mean, I do those things now eventhough I'm not making a lot of money at it! I just thought I would share a thought. You can take it from there and do with it what you will. xoxoxo - V.

abristolnovella said...

Ben: Not yet, although as you can probably tell from my new post, moving not far away.

SMGuy: Hey. Welcome. Thanks. There comes a point in everyone's life, where one has to stop leaning on the parents, you know. These RL clothes certainly don't by themselves, and they no longer come from mummy's credit card :-(