Sunday, 9 August 2009

I'm sitting in the sun, wearing Christian Dior sunglasses and working on my non-existent Caucasian tan. Reading, thinking of a story I can conjure for you people; my four followers. When an apple falls from the tree. And three wasps angrily disperse from the windfall. Two stopping to engage in some kind of mating ritual, or wage war with one another. I can' tell. I watch for a moment, as they break, and then refocus my concentration. Causing a smile, to the simple pleasures in life, to leak from my lips. Then I bring a tan leather moccasin down on top of them. Silencing the commotion.

The story I think of, I don't really like to tell. Although I often amuse myself by telling twisted variations of it to strangers. It is from a time way before any inclination to live in Bristol ever existed, and way before I understood true happiness. It's a story that, I shall tell in due course.

I am interrupted from my book.Thoughts. Again. By my mother. Who offers a tumbler, and a bottle of Perrier, on ice, along with freshly baked pastries, and red summer berries. And I continue to read into chapter twenty seven, whilst life continues around me.


Pilgrim said...

A vivid, though slightly morbid scenery, that you lay out to us, at least to me. :-) Propz Pilgrim

Tim in the City of Angles said...

English people can't tan. I think that's in the EU Charter... or maybe it's the UN Charter... it's one of those "U" Charters, I know that.

You have lovely parents, which I'm sure you know. Pops brings you cocktails, mums brings you homemade pastries. But I wonder if they realize how difficult they're making it on all those prospective boyfriends out there. They've set the bar quite high, this manner (manor??) to which you've become accustomed.

None of this has diminished your writing skills, by the way.

abristolnovella said...

Pilgrim: Thanks :-) I learn this sadistic tone from the narrator in desperate housewives haha.

Tim: I can tan...well after I've got lobster red, but there is never enough sun to make me almost ebony. Also why is it that when there is sun there are about 20 bbq's? I've already been to three in the last 24 hours!

Also the story I want to tell I want to tell well, and I've been thinking about it for a while. It's from my big city days. That's all I'm saying. So I have to find the most elegant way of portraying them haha.

Also I might be drunk right now.

Anonymous said...

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