Saturday, 2 January 2010

The roads are iced, empty, and the journey probably not manageable, but for old times sake I take it one more time. And on that drive, the song Bring Me Your Love, City And Colour, frequents my head, and in a turn of events, which involve some illegal driving plays out of the system.

And I drive through the flood defence of the sea wall, and down onto the pebbled beach. And as my wheels choke on the stone, I knock the gears out. And I just sit there. And I pull a blanket over my legs, and turn the heat up, and just watch as the waves crash down. And my gaze is broken when a flash of hunter lamps cross my dash, and on the concrete ramp above a 96' Defender waits. And the blinding light fades out, and from the defender, two figures approach, and climb into back seats. And we watch as the waves crash down, surrounded by each other, and ice cracks as someone pours a drink, and smile crack as conversation flows and We Are Kings plays out, slightly drowned by the heaving vents.

And the sky is clear and once again afloat with stars. And as I pull into the drive, the south westerly winds rock the bare trees, and no Rooks fly, and no dogs bark. And it's all pretty barren. And in the tub we've been discussing life for the best of three hours, and its hard to see across the valley tonight, on account of the 104water which is creating more steam than imaginable, and actually it's hard enough even seeing across the water. And we talk of new years, and new year 2011, and eventually 0103 rolls round, and we decide we should make a run for inside. But a light snowfall transforms the run into a reluctantly brisk jog, and inside the fire roars, as feet tingle, and a kettle boils.

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Tim in the City of Angles said...

Thanks for posting the images you conjure
bringe me so much peace, joy and laughter. My iPhone bill will doubtless be huge, but I don't care. There is urgency now as I start ony second life. And you need to know.