Saturday, 18 October 2008

the beginning

And so it starts. The apparent temporary deformation has taken over. So I stand in the shower, hoping I can wash this inconvenience away, check I'm not bleeding, stare in the mirror.Decide I've lost all ability to look at least semi-attractive and go back to bed.

My drawing board has yet to move from the floor, where I positioned it to tempt me into working. When your as attractive as Mary Shelly's Frankenstein's monster the idea of doing pretty much anything seems insignificant. Tracing paper, 0.1 rotatory pens and sharp blades are the the only things excited to see you.

With any luck my remaining 26 anti-inflammatory pills should keep me feeling normal until next week, even if I wont look it for at least a month.

Shallow as a puddle?

...I got sunshine on a cloudy day, when its cold outside I got the month of may...

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