Wednesday, 10 December 2008

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I take the bottle from the shelf. Attempt to pour a glass and decide it's too much effort. So I drink from the bottle. The bitter cool grape scented liquid soothed by the warmth of my wind-sore lips.

I sit and type an email, I type without the intent of anyone ever reading it.

2248 "how's it going?

I'm feeling pretty shit, so if you don't mind I'm just gonna write here, as I don't feel like blogging, then you can ignore it and delete it, and pretend you never got this email.

So I've just got back from my friends apartment. She's the kind of friend that despite knowing each other for 8 or so years only calls when it suits her. Shes the type of friend who has friends, and together they have everything you could ever want. Why don't I have everything I have ever wanted?
Thats all I have to say on that topic.

I still feel glum.

How is your glumness.

Weird email over. (A reply would be nice, but I'm not expecting one)


As soon as I'm done I feel the sense of achieving absolutely nothing. So I add a recipient, and even though I have absolutely no intention of sending this email I do.

By now the bottle is empty. I look to the right and see the people in the apartments over. Enjoying themselves. I sharply close the curtain, take off all my clothes, contemplate a shower, but end up sitting down. I've absolutely no reason to feel like this. I just do. I need someone to touch. But don't we all?


Tim in Italy said...

Really interesting blog... kinda like London Preppy, but w/o the whimsy. This post fits my mood perfectly as it's 13:45 and I'm still in bed. But people are coming for tea in 2 hours, so I guess I'd better stir... or simply meet them at the door naked and unwashed? Nah. No reason for horror on a Sunday, they're bloody enough already. Don't be so glum, Son. You're not alone.

Added you to my Google Reader list, so keep writing.

Son said...

Tim! A pleasure to have such a high roller in the blog-sphere reading. I am truly flatter. (Although as im reading this in my head I can't help but feel it sounds scarky. Its not. )

Son said...

I'm also hung my spelling and grammar portrays!