Tuesday, 23 December 2008

headlights and pavements

As I lay here, I realise that this is the fourth day I have spent in bed. This is the fourth day that I don't give a shit that I have spent it in this bed.

Friday comes quicker than expected, and I find myself presenting my work to a french lady, who try as she might fails to ripped me apart; mainly because I couldn't be torn more than I already am. In the evening I attend a Charity ball...which I have already written off on account that a party in the place where you spend every waking hour (and that isn't your bedroom) is crap. At this end of semester party a few things happen:

1) I get very drunk after buying some very expensive vodka that I cannot afford, but I tell the cashier that Gordon Brown is paying for it, and she looks concerned.

2)We ask our module leader if she'd like an eight-sum with us. Instead of saying no, she says shes too old.

3)I tell my entire life story, in depressing detail to someone who I couldn't give a toss about.

I wake up at 3am, fully clothed on my floor, lights on, music blaring and decide that this has been the most unsuccessful night in my career.

Nothing eventful happens between then and now, apart from several minor details:

The train home, which only cost £1.85, is so full that I end up sitting on someones suitcase in the luggage rack and wishing that I'd walked the 89.5 miles.

I realise that my parents house contains rubbish detailing and was obviously a quick build coach house for the manor down the road and not the wonderful _____ cottage I once thought. I fail to understand how it is possible that four of us lived here for seventeen years, when we cant even cope with being here for four days.

Oh and I go to the local haunt on the Saturday night. At which I see all the people who I went to school with. All the people who never left this little town, and who now either have kids, or jobs which are extremely insignificant...yet they seem so content. I'm slightly envious.

But decide that I no longer give a shit; About anyone, or anything. So I take my car, and attempt to leave this all in my wake.

I have yet to sleep properly.


foufga said...

I haven't slept properly all break.

Son said...

Isnt it the most annoying thing. This house has no sound or temperature detailing, and really is too small for four! Do you read often?

foufga said...

Yes I do :) I usually end up reading @ night when I can't sleep. I usually read non-fiction, but my sis bought me Twilight!