Saturday, 14 March 2009

For the weekend I have ventured back to my parents house in the country. I have done this to compose myself before my exciting working holiday in Barcelona.

I didn't want to do a normal post but it looks like I am. So far I have slept quite well, as it is quiet here and that's what I'm use to, init. Also I have driven, and played boy racer with farm machinery, racing a tractor down country lanes and such.

Now to the most exciting event, buying stuff. Having driven 27 miles to go shopping with my mother I have bought/been bought the following:

a) (Apple) Green H&M Polo b) New White belt c) Grey Caus' pin stripe slacks d) Fred Perry Grey Parkside Marl pumps

From this picture you can tell :

-I've removed my head to retain my identity, so that you can't open a credit card or worse fall in love with me

-I've had a hair cut

-I can model pretty well. Check that stance.

From this picture you can't tell :

-That jeans are over.

-My room is black and my floors are totally wooden.

-According to a contact on the inside this coming season's colours and greys with bright accent colours, or something (I tired to ignore this but sadly thats all you can buy at the moment).

Not much more to report really.


Tim in the City of Angles said...

very nice outfit. i'm totally impressed. like the colors, but then ur an artist so...

um... i'm in love with a lot of ppl, so i couldn't possibly fall in love with anyone else until one of them dies... no one's sick, currently.

do you want to be added to a list or something?

course, keep dressing like that and you could jump a couple spaces.

wills said...

i go back to my parents house whenever i feel anxious , stressful,and that's the reason why i decide to check out your

abristolnovella said...

Well I'm glad you did. How are you finding it?