Thursday, 5 March 2009

I'm going to lie. I just haven't had the time. However on this somewhat random day procrastination has got the better of me and I may briefly fill you in with what has happened recently. Using notes from my small orange book.

Stopping drinking hasn't work at all. That's all there is to say really. Sick count 2. My brothers birthday didn't help this much, neither did cheap champagne. But this was a long time ago now, perhaps a few weeks so the details have escaped me.

I also returned home a couple of weekends ago, mainly to work on my last project. Which had been stealing most of my time, and was extremely infuriating. During this visit we had a bit of a college reunion meeting for tea, in every much the same manner that we used to during those EC days. From this the following happened:

- I decided that I really do miss college
- I spent lots of money

In the same visit I also took time to go out with my old work colleagues. Insuring that I stay popular whilst at home. Of course a pub crawl was organised. I did not consume alcohol at this, and of that I am proud. Although I did get asked for ID for just being in the pub, which has assured me that, as I thought, I do look younger that 14.

The final even that is scrawled in this book simple states

" I took Nytol and I'm still awake "

This is a very proud moment for me. As I returned home for a disastrous night out I saw it fit to pop a few Nytol pills. Then panicked because I had drank. Got scared I was going to die. And forced myself to stay up for 5 hours.

All in a days/several weeks work.

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