Thursday, 13 November 2008

0058 - 0206

00:58 "I've got the latest copy of mens health for the economy lecture tomorrow"

01:01 "Good I'll bring the new glamor"

And so our lecture tomorrow is organised. In an attempt to pretend that the economy doesn't exist and an attempt to forget we are poor students we always end up at the back of the theater reading magazines.

After a day exploring a foreign, somewhat weird,city with a group of people I barely know. I'm feeling pretty shitty.Mainly because I'm tired. This morning the thought to wear proper footwear and a coat slips out of my head,and I find myself in my moccasin slippers and a tshirt. By the early evening my feet are killing me and my nipples are inverted.

Today I epically fail at trying not to be a snob. Never the less I'm happy to remind myself that there is still plenty of time to change this.

I also speak with Rugby Boy. Whom I tell that I have spent the last few weeks feeling vacant and numb. Apathetic. He tells me that, although he used to feel this, things for him are looking up. He's over the girl. I suggest, in a semi-sincere way, we marry, but receive no reply. Later I find out (from the horse's mouth at least) that things aren't so rosey after all, and his family are currently unstable. I feel quite sorry for him and secretly just want to give him a massive man cuddle...although he'd probably inhale me.

In the last forty minutes of the night,before I try and sleep, I discovered that being stupid helps you forget that you a horrible person. So spend my time throwing garlic mayo at my house mates, screaming and lounging on the sofa in my briefs, eating cheap Sainsburrys Basic crisps and cold pizza from a box on the floor. It's's taste...likewise.

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