Sunday, 16 November 2008

something, sometimes

Before I get to the bottom of the cup I fill it again. Each time noticing the heat from the new tea. Six cups later and I've yet to move. There is something relaxing and numbing about drinking leaf over bag.

The day, is full of pointless tasks, like hovering, tidying and cooking. I find the time, in between living and being alive to pop into town with a friend of mine. She asks me compose a reading list for her, which I happily oblige, and so we spend much of our time in Waterstones. (I find it hard to shop for books anywhere else? Book snobbery?)

We spend the good part of an hour, if not more, waiting for a bus. I don't mind this, but it clearly makes A uncomfortable. I remind her that its nice to do nothing, especially as we have Hitler breathing down our necks all the time.

I do a weekly shop, and buy Nytol. Where I ask the pharmacist for a bigger box. She looks at me sternly, and tells me that perhaps I need to see a doctor if its that bad, or perhaps I need something stronger. I ask if she stocks Valium. She's clearly not impressed.

The rest of the weekend is spent in bed, sadly with no one (although if anyone besides me where in it I'd probably tell them to fuck off),drinking Ceylon and reading. I think this: I haven't left the room for a good 72 hours and I've never been more content. you go create another fable...


Muscler said...

where in the uk do u live? u sound interesting
email me:

Diary of a Mad Latino Man said...

What book are you reading? I have a really good book that you should read. It is called The Shack by William Paul Young. This book is life changing. I saw that you like reading and I am always reading hence being an English high school teacher. Hope to hear from you.


Son said...

Having just written, and lost my reply, I'll paraphrase.

I just finished The Bell Jar, and it was very infectious and enjoyable. I'm a sucker for Catcher In The Rye Esq books, whats the shack about?

I should probably read some of my construction texts but they'll all about sex...and this makes me feel like I'm missing out.

Thanks for the comments though Muscler and GSnowboarder, makes writing worthwhile