Monday, 8 June 2009

Saturday night, like many Saturdays, was fairly uneventful. Apparently Bristol has a gay pride week ending or starting this weekend. (I cannot say for sure if it was defiantly ending, or starting for that matter, as it was pretty dire either way)

Naturally this event wasn't in my diary, which of course I am very upset about; because if I had known then perhaps I would have made an effort to look remotely homosexual. Instead I opted for a very nice Ralph Lauren outfit.

The night consisted of, well not a lot really. But perhaps the following should be noted:

- I was not nearly drunk enough, and wasn't sick, what is the world coming too?

- A fight broke out, and I'm pretty sure it was entirely my fault. But what can I say, don't put your sweaty little hands on me thank you very much.

- I was asked about my store card in paralanguage that suggested it was some form of insult or in someway snide to ask. How this pleb knew that I held the highest store card at this store, I will never know. But I'm pretty sure that asking :

"Hows your new ____ __ _____ credit card?"

Is asking for a witty comment about your poor credit, particularly when it's a store card.

- Many other minor non descript events occurred

But overall, definitely not a night to write home about (but perhaps someone else would like to on my behalf? I really don't mind.) and to be honest, paying fifteen pounds to get in this club, and then not even seeing a single transvestite was quite disappointing.

Sunday was pretty much spent moping, and feeling guilty that I perhaps ruined some little gay boys life, by getting them banned from a gay club for some while. However BR and I did go to the gym, even if it was just to fill a little time; It's extremely nice to have a life that doesn't revolve around the design studios at the moment.

But unfortunately it is now time to pack my belongings, before a quick shopping trip to Oxford, and then leave the city for a summer full of probably nothing. But more on that another day.


abristolnovella said...

Yea I'm not a huge fan of the whole gay pride thing, it's all a bit segregated. I don't think they liked me voting BNP for the EU elections either haha (which were this week). I probably wouldn't have voted to extremely if people hand banged on about the fascist BNP.

Not much planned for the summer really, which is a little unsettling. It's getting to the point in life where all my friends from "Back home" have moved away and are settling into new lives. I'll probably just get a 9-5 to fund my self destruction at uni, and or to pay for a new liver, which ever happens first.

I have to say I'm rather envious of your move to LA :-(

Tim in the City of Angles said...

so, come visit when ya want... when ur 21... gotta be 21 to drink in LA!

abristolnovella said...

I think my liver might have given out by then

Ben said...

You didn't really vote BNP did you? Parties led by holocaust deniers probably aren't the way forward!