Thursday, 18 June 2009

Usually its around now that all the days start to blur together in an alcohol educed, summer haze. But they haven't. Pretty soon I may die if I don't find away to fill my otherwise pointless existence.

This is the fifth day of our summer vacation, and although I thought I'd never say it, it's pretty shit.

(Note that it isn't actually the fifth day, as three days were spent in Oxford but I am discounting those)

Since the beginning of this low, I have at least achieved the follow:

- Consuming 4 cream teas in 5 days. For those that aren't familiar with cream teas they consist of : Scones, Jam and Clotted Cream with a pot of tea, and obviously are about 1034% fat.

- Knocked the front bumper off my car.

- Knocked the back bumper off my car.

- Spent four hundred pounds in Ralph Lauren. Even after flirting heavily with my personal shopper, which included making him check the size of an shirt on the mannequin, taking him shopping in the kids section, and the girls section, and making him carry my stuff (that is what flirting is right?) I still couldn't bring the price down. So unless I take these items back, or start taking them off to make money, I'm in debt.

But in other news. I was in attendance at the gym last night. Which was...interesting. And I may just have to start going again to get myself out of bed. When I arrived, with PJ, Sweaty C was working out. I informed him that 'The king had returned' and he filled me in on all the local gossip, therefore not much working out was actually achieved.


abristolnovella said...

The Bumper of a in the bit that you use to crash into people with...that's what its for right?

abristolnovella said...

I wish I knew. I've returned home to my parents for the summer, but I wish I didn't. There is know one in town I know, and nothing to do, and well, I always say the recession hasn't effected me, but I can't find a job. So I am bored out of my brain.