Wednesday, 2 December 2009

When I wake I find myself entangled in my Nimbus designed bed clothes. And my luxury king is cold and empty, much like my apartment. And my head is congested and gripping,and I'm pretty sure that its not self inflicted. And my eyes are more tired now than when I retired, and I pull the vanity mirror off of the bedside table and admire the structure of the face staring back. And one must say, he is rather attractive.

In the dinning room the air is chilling, crisp and a window is thrown open, despite the weather outside. And my bare chest is constricted by the wind, which is lifting a fragrance from a decanter and throwing it around the room. And I notice the door ajar, a indication of life whilst I slept. And realise, it's been two days, fourteen hours and fifty seven minutes since I last saw my house mate. But who needs house mates when you have...jesus? Finding the coffee on the sideboard I begin making a pot for two, realise that I am alone, and in a disheartened mockery of John Humphrys I exclaim "I've Started so I'll finish."

And whilst checking my email, and then facebook, and watching people outside. It becomes apparent that my day will become one of cleaning, and drawing, and cleaning. And the book that I am semi reading, whilst taking a phone call, is telling me of the techs that I must draw today, and honestly, I'm not the slightest interested. But one must press on. Drawing is a career. And after saying goodbye to the caller I don't hang up, and instead listen to the beginning of their new conversation with whomever accompanies them. And I wish for someone to accompany me. But then remember I've got Jesus. So it's ok.

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Tim in the City of Angles said...

I suppose that if one is going to have an imaginary friend, an all powerful Bronze Age sky god is as good a choice as any. But i wasn't aware he liked coffee.