Monday, 13 July 2009

On Sunday, I am given five pounds by my mother. As I "never ask for anything" although she is quick to inform me that it was supposed to be ten pounds, but my father had spent it. I also find two pounds in an old pair of Levi 501's, and win a further pound on a National lottery, Number 5, scratch card.

In between the, what seems like, endless rain showers, I find myself taking a Sunday drive, to our local store. Where I use the said money to purchase Nestle chocolate, a six pack of Coke and some Roast Beef flavored corn crisps; of an unheard of brand. I am served by Sue, Operator Number 0003, at precisely 15:18:41. A good forty one minutes and fifty nine seconds before the panic shoppers arrive, before the store close at 16:00. Sue implores that I "Enjoy" my afternoon and I drive home.


Tim in the City of Angles said...

one shudders to think what you might have accomplished with 13 gbp!

Anonymous said...

Can i fuck you? Real nice