Monday, 6 July 2009

And its the first time since September that I've felt like this. The wooden floor. The echo of sirens in the streets. Voices inside. A wall of books. A sixty something inch television. Red wine. Stacks of post boxes. Security guards. Window boxes. The alcove in the bathroom where a single candle sits.

From the decked floor of the balcony of this Islington flat I am listening to an argument. Half listening, half staring at the render on the underside of the upper balcony. Irritated by its uneven appearance. And its not the first time since September that I have missed him. And I know this. I also know that I will leave the city, despite this, without seeing him. It has been two years.

A text message. A sip of wine. The man carrying two dinning room chairs. Two forty something year old women. The table in the hallway. A Schindler's lift.


Tim in the City of Angles said...


that was fucking amazing. not only moving, but essentially an entire novel in 3 paragraphs. starkly beautiful.

this will haunt me for a while. it brings back moments relating to every break up I've ever been through.

really remarkable. thanks you.

Tim in the City of Angles said...

just a thought... some while ago London Preppy but together three copies of a book made up of some of his favorite posts. Two were sold and one was given to a special commenter.

I'd be willing to buy a similar book from you, if you were interested in putting one together. There are some posts I'd like included, but I'd leave the final selection to you with whatever design embellishments you'd want to add.

Let me know your thoughts...

abristolnovella said...

I'm glad that you can relate, I think thats important in any...thing really haha. Love is shit eh! I find that somethings just happen to jog your memory of people and then I start missing them, is that normal? I guess so.

How flattering that you'd, or anyone for that matter, would WILLINGLY pay for any of my scribbles lol, but I don't want to jump the gun just yet. But I am interested to hear what your favorites are.....

Tim in the City of Angles said...

yes, love is shit. and blind. and a many splendored thing. so we might as well let it play out and endure of it what we can.

My favorites are the following:

friday - 16/jan

sunday - 1/feb

sunday - 8/feb

sunday - 15/feb

saturday - 14/mar

thursday - 26/mar

sunday - 19/april

tues - 12/may

tues - 26/may

all of june and, of course, this one in july. that's 19 out of the 27 that you've written so far. i selected based on narrative cohesion as much as quality of prose, though this one in july remains my favorite by far.

so let me know your thoughts.

i'm in london 16/july to 20/july on r&r with friends of various stripe who be coming and going like waterloo station. some holiday. if you want to come round for a drink, or a meal, or both, and discuss face to face, feel free. it's not like you'll be disturbing anybody.

regardless, i'm quite serious about the book.

michaelluke said...

Thnx for the comment on

So here I am. Visiting your blog and I'll Follow you so that I can come back and read you properly when I have a bit more time, but with three hungry blogs to feed (not to mention a boyfriend/lover/partner and the Former Bitch - C U Laters!