Saturday, 25 July 2009

Seated by the lounge window, staring into the mild, late afternoon sun, a view flooding over the fields of maze and wheat. I place a china cup into a china saucer and onto the coffee table, next to the reminisce of two scones which I have just consumed; eaten with half fat creme.

Upon doing so I think of the road that I drove to purchase these items from the store. The road that I have walked many times, on various nights, in various states of mind, the road that I no longer walk, and instead drive.

The green where I used to play, lined with houses, the insides of which were familiar, but are no longer, and the green a safari for another to explore.

The house with the intercom we use to abuse, which now hangs off of the wall. And the house next to it, it's once formal gardens, photographed for magazines, now overgrown, swallowed by disinterest.

And then I pick up another scone, and bring it to my lips. And then I forget the road that I drove to purchase these items. Like many others have.


Tim in the City of Angles said...

my first thought is that your postings are too few; too short. i'm malnourished by them. they sketch a scene, start to entice, then neatly end. and the next one will have no bearing or clue to the last: Bristol pixelated.

but then i see them as art rather than entirely as prose and I can see them framed, in an abstract pattern on the wall of the home I have yet to make in the US. And then they make more sense.

any new thoughts on the book?

abristolnovella said...

Well, I'm not actually in Bristol at the moment, I'm staying at my parents; until my apartment is sorted out. So I like to think of these posts as collections of memories, that transpire as I do things (or not as the case usually is) through out the day.

And well, I thought about the book, then thought, who the fuck would want to buy any of my shit, at least LP had readers to buy his haha.

Tim in the City of Angles said...

lol, by bristol i meant you, not the city.

regarding the book, i like to collect rare and one of a kind objects that have merit as well as meaning, abstract or otherwise. but i understand.

abristolnovella said...

Well Timothy, perhaps I will consider your request. Provided the price is right haha.

I'm thinking

Tim in the City of Angles said...

take off 4 zeros and make the 1 a 2. how's that?